Sunday, January 1, 2017

Let me Introduce Myself #knowingyourselfchallenge

It's the start of
a new year!
I love starting things at the beginning of something.
Which sounds weird and obvious that way.
It just seems like things work out easier if I start  at the beginning of the week/month/year.

I am Melinda.
Call me Mel.
I can be random and change the topic mid thought.
You have been warned.

It's 2017.
This past year has brought about  a lot of change.
Divorce. New Relationship. Decided to move back to Canada.
Pulled off Christmas, Holidays and Birthdays on my own.
Fixed my bathroom sink and dryer -- on my own.
I even fixed a small xmas eve dinner.
Kudos to those who pull off dinners on their own. I think a pot luck type of bring your own dish is totally the way to go.
Started talking to my dad again. Which I'm still on the fence about.
Had an amazing visit with my mom and sister when they came down.
It was nice to just be myself.

I always introduce my self as an awesomely average nerdy girl.
Mom to three kids: Ehren Brye, Freedom Reilly and Teghan √Čire.
They're pretty awesome.
And that's not just the obligatory mom talk.

I'm 33.
I am told that I don't look my age.
While I love that compliment, I avoid sharing the meme on facebook about looking younger so I don't sound conceited. Being carded to buy alcohol makes me feel amazing.
I feel like I am young at heart.
I love to goof off with my kids.
I have a fascination with owls, narwhals and squirrels.
Those little things are just so cute.
I'm a total cat person.
Smart girls get cats. It's a meme or something. 
I have two kitties, Hermione and Asimov.

I love to take pictures.

I enjoy weird/inside/random jokes that no one else gets.
Or are outdated.

I was called a cool mom by some middle school boys.
Who knew that Futurama and Pokeman was all it took.

I am drawn towards SciFi.
I was raised on Star Trek and Doctor Who.
Mixed in with a bit of Get Smart and many many hours of talking about aliens and conspiracy theories. I lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere in Canada. We had a swimming pool, so that made it better.

I have no idea what I want to do with my life.
In the next year, I want to go back to school.
For what??
Who knows.
Biology, biotechnology, environmental science and earth sciences all seem interesting to me.

This year I want to focus on me and the kids.
Self Love, Self Care.
Do things that make me happy and give my nerdlets a better life.

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  1. If you like sci-fi I would recommend Fringe tv show if you didn't watch before.
    Have a great life with your family.