Monday, December 19, 2016

Plans for a Healthier Self

As I was looking through some old blog posts, I came across this one from February of 2014.
Which, made me kind of giggle.
I was desperately trying to get to 135 pounds.
Why 135?
I have no idea.
I ended up getting pregnant that summer and gaining 50 pounds.

Overall, I weigh 10 pounds less than I did this time last year.
So ...  that's a plus.

I can never seem to get my fitness and nutrition to line up.

Starting today, I WILL strive to be healthier.
I WILL take better care of myself.

I do not plan of giving up my diet coke though.
Just cutting back. I need my carbonation.
Everything in moderation, right?!

photo credit: sirwiseowl Set Goals. Move it! via photopin (license)

So my plan?
-Eat 1461 calories a day, based on Scooby's Calorie Calculator.
-Track said calories using MyFitnessPal.
-Exercise at least three days a week. My current plan is Strong Lifts 5x5. They even have an app for your phone. Which is awesome. Means no having to keep up with weights and reps.
-Eat fruit and/or veggies at least twice a day.
-Try to get to where I only have two carbonated beverages a day.
-No more than two pizza nights a week. One is ideal, but having a kiddo with SPD, I have a lot of pizza around.

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