Thursday, January 5, 2017

Accomplishments #knowingyourselfchallenge

Most days, I feel like I haven't accomplished anything.

I see people I went to school with.
They have awesome careers, amazing houses.
The somewhat stereotypical American Dream type of thing.

And I look at my life.

I was doing good for a while.
Bought a house and brand new off the lot car.
While this may seem weird, they were goals of mine.
Got my debt to a manageable level.
Improved my credit score.

I don't have a career.
There's no opportunity for advancement.
Living pretty much paycheck  to paycheck.


I have three awesome and intelligent kids.
They are kind and caring.
They are weird -- just like me.

I DID buy a house.
I bought a car.
I completed a nutrition program.
I've been a GNC manager for almost 8 years.
I lost 120 pounds. Even though I gained some of it back.
I had a successful decal business.

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