Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Neptune. By Freedom.

 Third grade.
It's the year my kids are required to
complete a research project and model of an element from our Solar System.

The kids are given several weeks to complete their projects.
Freedom, as per her usual self, refuses to do her research until she gets to craft.

I'm fairly positive the idea is to apply what you've learned from your research and create the model.

She finally settled on Earth.
But that doesn't look like Earth
I know.

Freedom wasted a bit too much blue paint. We tried using some of her other paint to fill it in. By that point, it was too dark to paint continents.

But what do you do with a big blue sphere?

You make Neptune!
Sure, it has faint rings.
But it seemed easier than Uranus.
And Freedom was afraid that she'd pronounce it funny in claas.

In the end, her persistence paid off.
She painted Neptune, then completed her research assignment.
And we didn't have to paint continents.

Painting Styrofoam is hard.

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