Monday, June 20, 2016

A Harry Potter Birthday Party

Freedom's most recent obsession:
Harry Potter.

For her birthday, she requested a Harry Potter themed party.
I had originally planned a party at a local park, but they decided that the end of May was the best time to renovate the playground.

We had the party at Pizza Hut.
That cut out the Quidditch game.

She also ended up with cupcakes and two cakes.
Cupcakes are a required part of a classroom party.
I was able to find Harry Potter cupcake ring toppers on Amazon!
She had her "family" cake at home on her birthday, and then her party cake.

The invitation

Outside of invitation

I forgot to put the location of her party on the invitations.

Customary cupcakes for school.

Her birthday cake for the house. She calls herself Hermione.

Party Decor

Surprised to find this at Food Lion.
The party cake.
They may need to calibrate their printer.

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